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The problem of female sexual problems and their decreasing the overall quality of their life was discussed in many scientific medical conferences. Researchers confirm that there is currently a drug that can restore women's sexual drive and improve their health. Such medicines are, as one would have expected, female Viagra, the same stellar solution by the same trusted manufacturer as the world’s most known love pill for men.

Female Viagra is a patented drug that has been studied in many clinical trials that confirmed its efficacy and safety. This drug helps to improve blood circulation to the genitals and women have a chance to enjoy sexual activities to the fullest.

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When taking Viagra women experience a slight increase of testosterone and estrogen in the blood, which leads to an increase in libido. Viagra acts as a stimulus for women, leading to the emergence of an active sexual activity. Viagra for women is indispensable for increasing the amount of vaginal lubrication; it can solve the problem of “dry vagina”. The drug increases the effect of Bartholin’s glands that produce vaginal lubrication, due to saturation of the blood vessels of sexual organs. The number of vaginal lubrication is fully restored, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the mucous membranes and walls.

Applying stimulating tablets for women can help achieving sensitivity enhancement of sexual organs. This is due to the increase of blood flow to the genitals, and the nerve endings of uterine nods transmit much more quickly and fully the received impulses to the brain and spinal cord. Women can achieve a fully manifested orgasm (in case anorgasmia), or reduced possibility of orgasm (from disorgasmia).prod-186-Female-sildenafil-Citrate-100mg-large

Viagra for women enables women who previously had difficulties with the experiencing orgasms, to feel new, not experienced before, pleasure of sexual intercourse. This is also the case for those women who have previously experienced pain during sexual intimacy. The drug helps to reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris and the vaginal wall, while due to the increased blood flow and enhanced perception of sexual orgasm to become more powerful.

For women who underwent surgery to remove the uterus, as well as when a woman has a cycle premenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, Female Viagra Australia pills for women are especially effective.

Female Viagra is available in Australia. The drug is gaining increasing popularity, as more and more women get to realize that their sex life can be better. Of course, Female Viagra Australia does not eliminate the psychological side of the problem, but it is known for empowering women and thus making them relax before the planned sexual intercourse, which takes away part of the issue.

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There are three primary types of experimental treatment of female sexual dysfunction:

  • Information about the female anatomy, arousal, and response; where blood flow, hormone levels and sexual anatomy is normal
  • Hormone replacement therapy (including treatment of the underlying disorder)
  • Vascular treatment (including treatment of the underlying disorder)

Training of both men and women how to talk about and respond to a woman’s psychological and physical stimulation needs can only happen if both parties recognize that there is a problem. Behavioural and sex therapists emphasize the need for partners to examine their sex act, including foreplay, intercourse, and talking about sex. Sex therapists and psychologists can help to improve communication between the parties.

The purpose of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is to restore the hormone levels are influenced by age, surgery or hormone dysfunction to normal level and thus restoring sexual function. Oestrogen and testosterone levels are measured and treated by endocrinologists.

orgasmincSildenafil (Kamagra Australia), used by men with erectile dysfunction and is currently being tested on women. Some evidence suggests that it restores libido lost due to antidepressant medications. One of the more famous medicines is called Female Viagra.

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If you have recently had a physical and see yourself as generally healthy, you do not need further investigation for a new prescription. Thousands of doctors and pharmacists in Australia daily write prescriptions after only having looked at the patient’s medical record. We aspire that you to make sure that Female Viagra will not do any harm in your individual case and that you do not take any drugs that can interfere with Female Viagra. Make sure that your doctor approves of implementation of Female Viagra Australia and we at http://www.FemaleViagraAustralia.com will be happy to sell it for you at the best price.

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APA, American Psychological Association, classifies sexual disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) as disturbances tend to interrupt the mutual relations and cause psychological distress. All disorders listed in DSM interfere in any way arousal and the sexual response cycle. Although they are controversial, it is the standard used for female sexual problems by many psychiatrists and doctors in the U.S. and other countries.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is characterized by an absence of libido. There is no interest for sex and little stimulation needs. Sexual aversion is characterized by an aversion to or avoidance of sexual advances and sexual contact. It may be sexual or physical abuse or trauma and may be for life. The main feature of female sexual arousal disorder is the inability to achieve and implement the various phases of “normal” female arousal. Female orgasmic disorder is defined as a delay or absence of orgasm after “normal” arousal. Dyspareunia is characterized in genital pain before, during and after intercourse. Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles around the vagina as a response to attempted penetration. Contraction makes vaginal penetration difficult or impossible. These disturbances may be due to personal problems and you do not seek medical attention for it. A distinction is made disturbances that lasts a lifetime and those that are acquired, and the disturbances caused by the situation and the present always.


In cases where you suspect a medical condition as the underlying cause, whether it is due to insufficient blood flow, nerve-related sensitivity loss or reduced hormone levels, a specialist an appropriate diagnosis. Sexual problems can be symptoms of diseases that require treatment, such as diabetes, endocrine disorders of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, and neurological disorders.

American Foundation of Urologic Disease (AFUD) characterizes APA criteria in these four types of disturbances:

  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder; include sexual aversionFemale-Sexual-Dysfunction
  • Sexual arousal disorder
  • Orgasm disorder
  • Sexual pain; include vaginismus, dyspareunia

Contrary to APA standards, dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) diagnosed as a result of inadequate vaginal lubrication, which can be seen as an arousal disorder and treated like that. Pain associated with recurrent health conditions, including cystitis.

Kamagra Australia – erectile dysfunction medications for men.

 Physiological Diagnostic Tests

Vaginal blood flow and engorgement (swelling of the vaginal tissue) can be measured by vaginal photoplethysmography, where an acrylic fiber instrument is inserted into the vagina, reflect light and measures the flow and temperature. It cannot be used to measure levels of arousal, such as during orgasm, as it needs to be completely still for the measurements to be performed. Also, information about normal vaginal engorgement is limited and one can only speculate on what is normal when it comes down to such matters. A vaginal pH testing, usually performed by gynecologists and urologists to detect bacteria that cause vaginitis, can be useful. A probe is inserted into the vagina to measure. Decreased hormone levels and diminished vaginal secretion associated with menopause causes a rise in pH (over 5) which is easily detected by the test. A biothesiometer, a small cylindrical instrument, is used to measure the sensitivity of the clitoris and labia to pressure and temperature. Measurements are made before and after the subject watches erotic movies and masturbates with a vibrator about 15 minutes.

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Since there is not enough reliable information with varying definitions of sexual dysfunction, and even normal sexual activities, a clear understanding of the prevalence of women’s sexual problems is impeded.

 A survey conducted by the Australian Medical Association in 2008 shows that sexual dysfunction affects approximately 43% of all women in Australia. Age need not be a significant factor, as women under 20 and over 50 experience problems with arousal, orgasm and satisfaction. But there is evidence that the majority of female sexual dysfunction occurs after menopause, when hormone production drops and vascular conditions are more common.

tumblr_inline_mn3hpbycH21qz4rgpThe clinical definition of the female sexual response cycle consists of four stages of arousal, marked by physiological and psychological changes. The first stage is excitement, which can be triggered by psychological or physical stimulation, and is marked by emotional changes, increased heart rate, breathing, and vaginal swelling and lubrication of the vagina due to increased blood flow. Sustained arousal called the plateau, the second phase. Vaginal swelling, heart rate, and muscle tension may increase as long as stimulation continues. Breasts enlarge, the nipples become erect and uterus drops. The third phase is orgasm, which involves synchronized vaginal, anal and abdominal muscle contractions, loss of involuntary muscle control and increased pleasure. The final phase presupposes that the blood rushes away from the vagina, breasts and nipples, and a heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

A normal and healthy response cycle can be as poorly defined as a dysfunctional. It varies how women experience these phases. For example, some quickly go from arousal to orgasm and other exchanges between the plateau and orgasm several times before reaching resolution.

However, when a woman experiences a problem during whichever of the three first phases, there is a talk about the so called female sexual arousal disorder. This condition has been approached from many angles, but a universal remedy and the only panacea covering both physiological and psychological aspect remains Female Viagra.

Female Viagra is an oral drug used in women unable to achieve sexual desire, orgasm, or both. The drug is produced in form of a tablet and needs to be taken approximately one hour before a planned sexual intercourse. Female Viagra stimulates blood flow in pelvic area thus insuring sufficient arousal and lubrication.

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The causes of female sexual dysfunction are poorly defined. Many different factors can impair the sexual response cycle, which requires physical and psychological stimulation:


  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol
  • Depression
  • Emotional problems, distractions
  • Nausea
  • Negative body image
  • Stress


Recently, controversy has produced two different medical perspective on the causes (and treatment) for female sexual dysfunction. A concept that is known as the vascular theory, that diminished blood flow to the pelvic region, because of various health conditions, age, stress, or hypoactive sexual desire, which reduces sensitivity (especially the clitoris) and dry, and impairs arousal. Decreased blood flow associated with medical conditions such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. This concept has fuelled clinical studies and led to topical creams that cause vascular dilation, increased blood flow and vascular congestion associated with the excitement, when applied. Sensitivity increases and can cause arousal.

It is a relief to know that recently discovered variant of Viagra for women. Female Viagra Australia is available at FemaleViagraAustralia.com for affordable prices and with a fast and discreet delivery guaranteed.

Another concept is the hormone theory that focuses on decreased levels of sex hormones, such as oestrogen and testosterone, because of age. For some women, hormone therapy may lead to increased sexual desire. Oestrogen is the primary female hormone associated with sexual desire. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that plays a role in women’s sexual development and function, including the breasts and clitoris sensitivity. Some women experience a decrease in sexual desire, lack of sexual fantasies, and impaired sensitivity after menopause or hysterectomy because of decreased oestrogen levels.

Other medical causes include the following:

  • Cycling (long narrow seats associated with perineal pressure and reduced blood flow)4198_3692
  • Drugs and medications; pill
  • Smoking
  • Spinal cord injury (can cause nerve damage; paralysis)
  • Surgical (or near reproductive and urinary organs or abdomen, may damage the nerves)
  • Urinary incontinence (can cause embarrassment: an avoidance behavior)
  • Vaginal atrophy (slemhinneförtunning)

Antidepressants and bezodiazepiner are used to treat depression and anxiety are the drugs most commonly associated with sexual desire and inability to achieve orgasm. Buproprion (Wellbutrin, an antidepressant) is sometimes prescribed to those experiencing drug-related loss of sexual desire. Some evidence suggests that it restores libido. Chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer are also associated with lack of sexual desire. Some evidence suggests that extended use of oral contraceptives leads to reduced libido. Spinal cord injury, pelvic trauma, and other conditions that affect the peripheral nervous system, such as diabetes, can weaken the genital sensitivity, as surgery involving the pelvic floor, bladder, abdomen, and genitals.

A third approach might be called the dissatisfaction theory, is neither psychological nor medical. A lot of women’s sexual dysfunction is not due to hormonal deficiency or diminished pelvic blood flow, but on insufficient genital stimulation. The fact that young, healthy women experience sexual dysfunction is evident. Poor communication from both parties can result in men not knowing how to stimulate a woman so that she gets excited. This leads to unsatisfactory sex and can cause arousal, loss of sexual interest, depression and aversion to sex.

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As guys fret about inability to satisfy sexual appetites of their better halves, we suggest that you boost his stamina at home before you pack him in your car and get him to see his therapist. Some useful tips will take care of your sexual pastimes, find them below:

Revise his diet

We are what we eat, so why don’t you stick to this good old universal truth turning your man into a sex carnivore? You know that chocolate is good for you when you have your menstruation pains thanks to triggering the release of endorphin in your brain. Guess what, the same stuff works great for blokes – give him some chocolate for dessert and cheese for a snack, and you’ll bag it!

Encourage regularity in his solos

If you think that his masturbation decreases his sexual drive, it’s time to revise your policy. Just like any other muscle in human body, penis muscles need to be trained. The more regularly he has orgasm, the more likely he will stay in a great sexual shape for much longer. This said, you should give him some space for maneuvers on his own. And don’t think that this will bereave you of his attention – he will surely fantasize about you as he is working out to stay sexually fit!

Do not stalk him

You should feel what his natural libido schedule is if you have been together for a while. Do not make him feel guilty for not performing as regularly as you would wish him to. Remember that, just like us, men have their ups and downs in terms of sexual drive. And sometimes they are just not in the mood. Your man will appreciate if you show some delicacy in this matter and be cool with just some cuddling time for the two of you. You’ll see that this tactic has got a lot to give, and when he feels like a hunter again you’ll be a happy prey.

Check his body mass index

Or measure his weight under pretext of buying him new clothes. There is a direct relation between body mass index and libido. Your boyfriend may be suffering from extra weight, and as a result – dramatically decreased sexual drive. Wives of men with BMIs of 30 or greater complain about not having a regular sexual life much more often. The size of his tummy is also a tell-tale factor when it comes to problems with potency.

Encourage him give up smoking

It stands a reason that good blood circulation has to do with good erections. Now, tobacco smokers have their blood circulation affected to a very significant extent. It doesn’t take the sharpest tool in the shed to put two and two together, and more than that – if your boyfriend is a passive smoker, this automatically makes him fall into the risk group for early signs of impotence.

Boost him with herbal solutions

Korean red ginseng is famous for its revitalizing powers for men’s health. According to a research referred to in Journal of Urology, pills based on this herb helped 2/3 of test subjects get back their sexual stamina after two months of intensive therapy.

Enrich his diet with foods containing zinc

Seafood and beef are indispensable part of healthy nutrition for males. The thing is that they contain zinc, which in its turn is responsible for boosting testosterone production in men. Testosterone is not called the main hormone in the male body for nothing. It affects all the processes occurring in a male body, responsible for the physical and psychological health. Testosterone directly influences the quality of sexual life of men.

Cutting back on soya

Once again we turn to the subject of male hormones and the way it can be influenced by diet composition. It was discovered and proved over the course of studies carried out on rats that high content of soya makes erections feebler. Later it was deduced that soya interferes with male hormones secretion in an inhibitive way. So you might want to encourage him to revise his soya intake habits in favour of greater performance in bedroom.

If everything else fails, talk to a specialist

It is a general belief that man should be initiator of sex in a couple, and it’s up to him to call sexual shots. But the truth is that finding a couple whose sexual appetites are well balanced is about as challenging as finding a four leaf clover. And it is not the problem with your sex life that should determine you relationships, but the way both of you show willingness to contribute to overcoming it. Irwin Goldstein, MD, Director, Sexual Medicine, Alvarado Hospital, San Diego, CA says that there is a number of factors that can affect the quality of sexual life in a couple, sometimes you should seek help of a therapist, and sometimes it’s family counselor that you should be looking for.

Make him go slow on fatty foods

Carina Norris, author of The Food Manual (Haynes) points out the necessity of keeping to a diet that is rich in antioxidants and low in fats. Thus, if your man has a plateful of French fries before going to bed with you, he’s not going to be at the top of his sexual form. The idea is that fatty foods clog his arteries and they become less efficient in directing the blood flow to the genital area… Well, you get the drift.

Contribute to the atmosphere of wellbeing at home

Chronic distress, especially if it causes anxiety and fear, has the character or is perceived as unsolvable problems, can lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run. And even at times of brief emotional disquietude it is tough for men to concentrate on humouring their better halves with sexual activities. Do whatever you can to amortise the unfriendly environment in which he finds himself and do not let it become a part of his lifestyle. And the first aid to a stressed man is a warm and friendly atmosphere at home. You might start with a warm bathtub and a sensual massage, and who knows if he will want to stop at that…

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